Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Finally The Sticks put out an LP

Well they've finally done it...The Sticks have released an lp, albeit a double 7" lp. Whatever. Its still 10 tracks (the cd version features a mindboggling extra 10 tracks) of the finest anorexic garage gloop'n'gunk you'll hear this side of the Atlantic or anywhere for that matter. Go get it from Upset The Rhythm NOW!

NYE - 13Monsters

by Dan Nixon.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Merida's End of Year List

Band of the Year - Teen Sheikhs (2009-2009, R.I.P.)

Shows -
Nobunny, Okmoniks, Rock n' Roll Adventure Kids, Hygiene @ The Stags Head
S.I.D. Dudefest - Finally Punk, Cold Pumas, Human Hair, Teen Shiekhs, La La Vasquez, The Sticks
Total Freedom Warehouse Party - Male Bonding, Teen Sheikhs, Fair Ohs, Mazes, Rad Guillotine
Special Mention to T.I.T.S, Fun Anna, Nodzzz, Veronica Falls, Yes Way Fest.

The Hunches - Exit Dreams
Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans
Christmas Island - Blackout Summer
Grass Widow - S/T
Tyvek - S/T

Cheap Time - Woodland Drive
Girls at Dawn - Never Enough
Graffiti Island/ Old Blood/ Male Bonding/ Rapid Youth - split 7"
Mildred and the Mice - I Like My Mice (Dead)
The Pheromoans - Penis Envy/Revamper

Track of the Year-
Teen Sheikhs - Cracked

Runner-Up Band of the Year -
Trash Kit
Faves from the Vaults:

The Raincoats - The Raincoats
Bette Davis and the Balconettes - Surf Surf, Kill Kill
Pink Section - Pink Section
The Clean - Anthology
Fire Engines - Candyskin/Meat Whiplash

Best LP Art -
Woods - Songs of Shame

Worst LP Art
Tyvek - Tyvek

Best 7" Art -
Christmas Island - Nineteen/Twenty Nine

Worst 7" Art
Wavves - To The Dregs

Label of the Year -
Captured Tracks

Top Tips for 2010
Fair Ohs write the Fifa World Cup Anthem and become millionaires
Trash Kit and The Raincoats team up and release a killer violin lead post-punk masterpiece.
Captured Tracks buckles under the pressure of too many releases and a lot of Terminal Boredom posters are very angry
La La Vasquez release lots of records! Yeaahhh!

Monday, 14 December 2009

SID 003 - FAIR OHS pre-order

Ok. Here goes. Pre-orders are now being taken for our third and final release this year. The mighty FAIR OHS have been tearing up London and beyond all year to great acclaim, and Sex Is Disgusting is proud to present their debut vinyl release.

Due to the holiday season all orders will be shipped/posted at the start of the new year.

SID 003 - Fair Ohs - debut 7" - LTD 250.

A. Summer Lake

B. Almost Island

Paypal - sexisdisgusting@gmail.com

UK including postage - £4.95

Europe including postage - £5.95

Rest of the world including postage - £6.95

Distros get in touch - sexisdisgusting@gmail.com

What a show its going to be


Where To Now? radio show ........

New show can found HERE.
1. Airmail - In a moment - Graffiti (1979)
2. Dymaxion - The critics darling - Room Tone (1996)
3. The Executives - Shy little girl - Attrix (1979)
4. Spectrals - Leave me be - Captured tracks (2009)
5. Deep Shit – Hector - No pain in pop (2009)
6. Woven Bones - I wanna be your boyfriend - Yeti Publishing (2009)
7. Public Zone - Naïve - Logo records (1977)
8. The Lines - Not Through windows - Red records (1979)
9. The Prefects - Things in general - Vindaloo (1979)
10. The Flatbackers - Pumping iron - Red Shadow records (1980)
11. Modern convenience - Artificial light - Savoury days (2009)
12. Tyvek - Frustration rock - Whats your rupture (2008)
13. Bad sports - Sinking you - Douchemaster (2009)
14. White Wires - I remember how - Douchemaster (2009)
15. Jacuzzi Boys - Planet of the dreamers - Floridas dying (2009)
16. Cococoma - Water into wine - Goner (2009)
17. The Time Flys - Jailbait - Birdman (2005)
18. The Saints - No time - Emi (1977)
19. The Dream Syndicate - Some kinda itch - Zippo (1982)
20. Geezer in the olds - Don’t follow me - Savoury Days (2009)
21. Malaria - Your Turn To Run (I will be your only one) - Cachalot (1982)
22. Maximum Joy - In the air - Y records (1982)
23. Los Iniciados - La marca de Anubis - DRO (1982) / Minimal Wave (2006)
24. Palais Schaumburg - Telfon - Zick Zack (1980)
25. The Waitresses – Clones - Clone records (1977)
26. Fair Ohs - Automatic - Italian beach babes (2009)
27. Tropa Macaca - Fazer Chuva - Rafflesia (2009)
28. Rhythm of life - Summertime - Rational records (1981)
29. The Pheromoans - Radical Courrier - Yakisakana records (2009)
30. Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Higher than the stars - Fortuna pop (2009)
31. Meth Teeth - Never been to church - Woodsist (2009)
32. Steven Judy - Pick Axe - Concrete productions (1981)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Andy's End Of Year List



Nobunny, Okmoniks, R&R Adventure Kids, Hygiene @ The Stags Head, Dalston
Sex/Vid, The Shitty Limits, Sex Dungeon @ The Grosvenor, Brixton
The Country Teasers/The Rebel @ The Freebutt, Brighton (either show)
Woods, Veronica Falls, La La Vasquez @ The Lexington, Angel
Male Bonding, Mazes, Fair Ohs @ Total Freedom Warehouse, Manor Hour

Honourable mentions to; Big Takeover #1 (Logic Problem, Black Time, Mob Rules ..), Yes Way Festival, Dudefest (Finally Punk, Human Hair ..) and Nodzzz/Lovvers tour.


Pissed Jeans - King Of Jeans - Sub Pop
The Hunches - Exit Dreams - In The Red
Ratas Del Vaticano - Mocosos Pateticos - Siltbreeze
Lovvers - OCD Go Go Go Girls - Wichita
The Anals - Total Anal - Permanent Records


The Pheromoans - Penis Envy/Revamper - Convulsive
Hygiene - Hygiene - Dire Records
The Whines - Insane O.K
Teenage Panzerkorps - TPK - Captured Tracks
Francis Harold & The Holograms - Mirror Of Fear - Hozac

Track of the year;

Pissed Jeans - Dominate Yourself

Band of the year;

Male Bonding

Faves from the vaults;

The Raincoats - The Raincoats - Kill Rock Stars (reissued in '09)
The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms - Domino (reissued in '09)
Axemen - Big Cheap Motel/Scary! Pt 3 - Siltbreeze (reissued in '09)
The Urinals - The Urinals - Happy Squid Records
Inflatable Boy Clams - Inflatable Boy Clams - Subterranean Records

Best LP art;

The Anals - Total Anal - Permanent Records

Worst LP art;

Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall - Matador

Best 7" art;

The Beets - Don't Fit In My Head - Captured Tracks

Worst 7" art;

Drunkdriver - Knife Day - Fan Death

Label of the year;

Siltbreeze, again.

Top tips for 2010;

"Lo-fi" dies, minimal synth becomes cool, everyone wearing shirts with pizza on them and writing songs about the beach move to Berlin and dress all in black.
Sex Is Disgusting release more than two records.
King Of Jeans translates beautifully live.
La La Vasquez release some great records.
The Pheromoans backlash begins, they sign to Matador and do a split with The Eels

Bummed out in '09;

Getting arrested
The exchange rate
Still not owning a computer
Getting terrible news in Birmingham, an already terrible place
Sleeping on James' living room floor forever

Contrary to what you'd imagine I hate making lists, especially as James wouldn't let me have ten LPs. I wouldn't say its definitive as my memory sucks but here is what I liked this year.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

James' end of year lists.

(meal of the year at Le Authentique, Paris)

In no particular order.


NoBunny/Rock & Roll Adventure Kids / Okmoniks / Hygiene @ Stags Head.

Weirdapalooza - Lovvers / Male Bonding / Strange Boys / Hipshakes / Dissolutes / T'Sheikhs @ The Bodega.

Sex Is Disgusting All-dayer (Dudefest) - Finally Punk / La La Vasquez / Human Hair / Cold Pumas / The Sticks / T'Sheikhs @ The Hobgoblin.

Divorce / Golden Grrrls / Ultimate Thrush / T'Sheikhs @ somewhere in Glasgow.

Kid Congo / The Sticks @ Engine Rooms.


Pissed Jeans - King Of Jeans - Sub Pop

Ty Segall - Lemons - Goner

The Yolks - s/t - Randy/Bachelor

Cococoma - Things Are Not Alright - Goner

Gun Outfit - Dim Light - PPM


Mean Jeans - License 2 Chill - Dirtnap

Hunx - Good Kisser - Bachelor

Personal & The Pizzas - Brass Knuckles - Bubble Dumb

Thee Oh Sees - Tidal Wave - Woodsist

Graffiti Island / Male Bonding / Rapid Youth / Old Blood - split 7" - Paradise Vendors

Track of the year:

Pissed Jeans - False Jesii Part 2

Band of the year:

Male Bonding

Faves from the vaults:



The Time Flys

Shop Assistants

Exploding Hearts

Best lp art: Thee Oh Sees - Help - In The Red

Worst lp art: Pissed Jeans - King Of Jeans - Sub Pop

Best 7" art :
Graffiti Island / Male Bonding / Rapid Youth / Old Blood - split 7" - Paradise Vendors

Worst 7" art:
Wavves - To The Dregs - PPM

Label of the year:
In The Red

Top tips for 2010:

Male Bonding go global.

I will finally see Rent Boys live.

Pheromoans tour the US.

Garage-Punk goes mainstream, In The Red become "the new Domino".

SID to release more than a record every six months.

Bummed out in '09:

People who think moshing means you and your mate pushing each other as hard as you can into the rest of the audience.

Shipping costs from the US.

Static gig goers at the front of shows with full pints.

My living room.

Having no money for buying records or putting them out.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009



VIDEO are Badass like your best friends big brother. Round these parts i've/we've been digging the punk rock vibes of bands like Snake Flower II, Bare Wires, The Time Flys, Wild Thing et al & al, & VIDEO continue in that tradition of punk rock proper and hail from Denton, Texas. I think they might be perfect in every way. There's a bit of 80's hardcore, some little psyche touches and some tasty garage goo goo muck too. Nothing out as yet, but i'm guessing they will have something out on the awesome Play Pinball Records soon i hope.

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Box Elders
Black Mamba Beat
The Greenhouse Effect, Brighton, 8pm, £5, Wednesday 2nd December 2009

We're super excited about Box Elders. In fact, not only are we super excited about them in general we are specifically super excited about putting on a show for them, Mazes, Hygiene and Black Mamba Beat on Wednesday 2nd December in The Greenhouse Effect, Brighton. You should be too unless you don't like rock & roll, garage, punk rock, KBD, fuzzy-pop, The Minutemen, cheap beers, dingy basements, smoking terraces, distros, smiling people, dancing or life, all of which are elements integral to this show either as REAL PHYSICAL THINGS or as influences or whatever. If you don't like those things then quite frankly you should be worried for yourself. However, I guess everyone needs things spoonfed to them in 2009 so let me put some musical jelly onto the spoon of the Internet and shovel it down your reading mouth then your ear mouth. Box Elders are all the way from Nebraska and are three gentlemen who have crafted one of the finest LPs of 2009, 'Alice & Friends', which was released on Goner Records (Jay Reatard, Carbonas, Ty Segall and so on). Their label say "Redd Kross rides with The Clean on a rollercoaster full of freshly spun cotton candy while funhouse mirrors sparkle with the reflections of confetti floating in air". We say that you should look forward to poppy garage played in outlandish outfits, under a roof damp with sweat and atop a floor damp with beer. RIGHTEOUS! Also playing are Mazes who we posted about last week but hey, no such thing as too much of a good thing. They are back in Brighton for the first time since the release of their 'Bowie Knives' 7" on Sex Is Disgusting (assholes) and play fuzzed-out blissful pop-rock for fans of The Clean, Pavement and Guided By Voices, all cut-up pop gems and tape hiss. We will have the remaining twenty or so copies of their record here! We also have Hygiene playing who our good friend Luke Younger described as "a cheeky threeway between Crisis, "Bingo Master's Breakout"-era Fall, and Cockney Rejects. Music for when you're fighting in the streets of Southwark with the psycho mafia outside the town hall you never wanted anyway". Throw in lazy references to Television Personalities and ruminations on London life in 2009 and you have Hygiene, one of the best British/Canadian punk rock bands of the forever00s. Opening proceedings are Black Mamba Beat who consist of a Black Timer and a couple of awesome buddies getting together to make some racuous Minutemen-influenced punk rock. No-one is safe, the trust fund punks, the party shy, the skater-haters, the Watt-deniers; Black Mamba Beat will accept nothing more than the total annihilation of all the above or at least a few cold tins of beer in exchange for their lives. BE VERY AFRAID. You can find the pop gem 'Jackie Wood' by Box Elders here - http://rcrdlbl.com/artists/Box_Elders/track/Jackie_Wood and the other artists are myspace.com forward slash mazesmazesmazes, hygieneldn and blackmambabeat respectively. If you aren't moved to come by the show or seperated by several miles from Brighton then at least I just gave you four awesome bands for the price of one, right? Otherwise, see you at the show, watch out for the old smoking dudes with dogs on strings outside and the slippy stairs.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mazes mix

just posted on Vice is the Mazes 5 track mix. The tracks will be appearing on a tape very soon, so go check 'em.

PhotobucketArt by Anna Peaker

Monday, 23 November 2009

Pheromoans - (i'm though with) Wedgie Cubist

From their lastest 7" out now on Yakisakana.

Here's and extra vid from the sublimely bizarre Empty Shelves, featuring the talents of Rachel Vasquez & James Sticks. Lardy dah.

James Hines' Stuff

Shameless plug - I've created my own blog so i can remove all my images from Myspace and Facebook. If you'd like to follow please do HERE
Shot from ALL YOU NEED IS exhibition

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Some nice stuff coming out of Norwich courtesy of Cold Hands. Usually when some band messages us out of the blue asking to send a demo or wanting a support slot or something, it turns out to be a big bag of yawn. Not so here, pretty much every song shreds. They have a tape a cdr out on Milkbar. Go check it.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Friday, 30 October 2009

Can be found HERE - just scroll down to >altindie - Where To Now<

Spread the love and pass it onto anyone you know that might dig it. Thanks

WTN xxxx

1. No Age : Losing Feeling (Sub Pop, 2009)
2. Fungi Girls : Pacifica Nostalgia (Play Pinball, 2009)
3. Fresh & Onlys : D.Y. (Woodsist , 2009)
4. Young Governor : You’re So Sad (Parts unknown records, 2009)
5. Final solutions : You look like a lesbian (Jeth Row, 2007)
6. Busy Signals : Patterns (Dirtnap, 2007)
7. Nobunny : Mess me up (1234 Go, 2008)
8. Snake flower 2 : Just a dreamer (Tic Tac Totally, 2008)
9. Little Girls : Youth Tunes (Captured Tracks, 2009)
10. Grass Widow : Tattoo (Captured Tracks, 2009)
11. The Girls At Dawn : Every Night (Hozac, 2009)
12. The Petticoats : Normal (Bla Bla Bla Records, 1980)
13. Talulah gosh : Steaming Train (53rd & 3rd, 1986)
14. The Bodines : God Bless (Creation, 1986)
15. Husker Du : Don’t want to know if you are lonely (Warner bros, 1986)
16. The Mantles : What We Do Matters (Siltbreeze, 2009)
17. The Yolks : I Do What I Do (Randy, 2009)
18. Nodzzz : Good Times Crowd (What’s Your Rupture?, 2009)
19. UV Race : Dog Tired (Aarght!, 2009)
20. Johnny Vomit & the dry heaves : Running in a rat (Solid sex love doll, 1984)
21. ATV : Action Time Vision (Fun City Records, 1978)
22. The Good Missionaries : Keep going backwards (Unnormality records, 1981)
23. Jane & Barton : I want to be with you (Cherry Red records, 1983)
24. Frankie Rose : Hollow Life (Slumberland, 2009)
25. Cold Pumas : A Tempting Haunt (Hungry For Power, 2009)
26. Sharp Ends : Ghosts Of Chance (Hozac, 2009)
27. Times New Viking : No time no hope (Matador, 2009)
28. Pens : Fukufuckinfuk (De Stijl, 2009)
29. Bobby teens : You’re too young for me (Super Teem, 1997)
30. Graffiti island : Demonic Cat (Fin du Monde, 2009)

Sunday, 25 October 2009



Hello music fans. For a limited time only get the Human Hair & Mazes 7"s for £7 including postage with the uk. Thats two 7"s for £3.50 each. WOAH

paypal sexisdisgusting@gmail.com

We're raising funds for our next release so if you know anyone who hasn't got either of our release please pass this message on.


Thursday, 15 October 2009

REAL SHOCKS 2 - Fundraiser

A % of profits will be donated to Brighton University Level 2 Graphics & illustration because we have to pay for our own final exhibition. Which is nice.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Short Attention Span


The dudes at Methodist Leisure INC have put together an awesome compilation of sub 1 minute songs by some of the most righteous bands around right now and its totally free to download, so you should go and download it.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Assassins 88


Still plenty more room for crackle'n'fuzz in these parts. These Aussies make a tasty crumble and they have a potential best song title winner with their track 'Age Of Consent'. Pop in and say hi from us HERE

Friday, 28 August 2009

Making Plans

Sex Is Disgusting enters the second cycle come September. Most people pull the plastic from their pools in the summer but instead we've covered ours, letting all manner of life gestate, letting our calm waters carry algae and microscopic life that doesn't just buzz, it feeds back, it shreds, it grows and it grows. There is much life growing. We took a break from shows over the summer and continued with the records, albeit at a comfortable pace, putting out the perfect summer jam in the form of 'Bowie Knives', a 7" by Mazes (myspace.com/mazesmazesmazes). Copies of the single are still available and instructions on how to order can be found at myspace.com/sexisdisgusting. Please also check out SID001 Human Hair 7" which is on the brink of being gone forever, or until we repress. We are now in the process of gathering the tracks and artwork for SID003 & SID004, 7"s by our close friends Graffiti Island and Thee Fair Ohs. The former peddle crackling ghost-punk, channeling Beat Happening, The Urinals and tribal stomp whilst the latter have shot their 100mph garage with a bullet made of pure tropical vibes. A 180 degree turn for Thee Fair Ohs but one which has paid-off, check our their new material at their Myspace (myspace.com/theemightypharoahs). After that we've got Pens/Mazes and The Bitters, releases which I'd imagine will see us through until the dawn of 2010.

So yes, releases are plentiful on the horizon. As for shows, we lucked out with;

Sex Is Disgusting present .. #11;
Saturday 26th September - Lovvers (Wichita, Nottingham), Male Bonding (Sub Pop, London) & The Human Race (London) - The Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton - EARLY SHOW - 7pm till 9pm - £5.

Sex Is Disgusting present .. #12;
Saturday 10th October - Divorce, Wetdog, Ultimate Thrush & La La Vasquez - The Greenhouse Effect - 8pm until 11pm - £5.

Posters & flyers to come soon.

So yeah, aside the immediate horizon holds Graffiti Island & Fair Ohs records, plus shows from Lovvers, Male Bonding, The Human Race, Divorce, Wetdog, La La Vasquez & Ultimate Thrush. In terms of the wider, greater future the plans are just as exciting, if not even more. Secret records, DUDEFEST 2 (sooner than you'd think, with exciting headliners) and a website! xxx

Friday, 14 August 2009


Artwork by Danielle Nemet for the 'Cat Tails / At The Mouth Of The Swollen Summer' c20 on Digitalis Ltd

The generously prolific PINK PRIEST has been flossing my brain with his heavy-drone-synth-pop-rocks for time now. With summer jams like 'Falling In Love For Years And Years' he manages to condense a whole mid-summers heatwave day up in one song. You can feel that prickly burn on the back of your neck, smell the sickly mixture of sweat and suncream, and hear the hum of those elusive crickets as the sun sets against a red sky. All that and in under 3mins. Then there are the claustrophobic, dark, brooding and heavy pulses of 'A Peach From Hell' (a+ for the title), or the chilly and glacial 'Sleep Ranger'. All are executed with delicate and understated skill, restrained and refined, a beautiful simplicity. Currently there's a cdr on La Station Radar, a few tapes on BATHETIC, aB, FAMILY TIME, and a forthcoming LP also on La Station Radar. The dude behind PINK PRIEST also writes the fantastic GOD OF BLUES blog. Go check it all out, you got time to kill.

Artwork by me for the 'Honeysuckle' Lp on La Station Radar.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

RENT BOYS are making it

These dudes from Leeds fucking slay. I just stumbled on their myspazz page in some late night band surf and was floored. My jaw literally dropped. Every track is a 100% solid winner. They kinda do that party time garage punk thing a bit like Personal & The Pizzas, Traditional Fools or Audacity maybe. But fuck comparisons Rent Boys make this stuff their own. Oh man the front man can properly wail, he doesn't have to use tons of reverb, or make the vocals sound like hes eating biscuits under water. I am catching some heavy vibes from this and these tracks were all recorded with one mic!? WOAH. I gotta party with these dudes too, cos you know these dudes party. Hopefully Sex Is Disgusting will be working with these guys in the not too distant future. Check it HERE

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Another post not about a band or a label.

'RED', gloss, varnish and marker pens on canvas 40x50cm.

I'll be honest right now, and say the last few years worth of painting graduates from Brighton Uni have been pretty disappointing. Walking around the recent graduate shows i've noticed what can only be described as the proliferation of a house style that i can sum up rather simply, but accurately as semi-finished abstract expressionism or maybe ADD-stract expressionism. Room after room i was confronted with poorly executed, half finished canvases that look like they could have been done by one artist, not the forty or so that were actually exhibiting, and more often than not on large canvases that i suspect were a tactic employed to fool the viewer into thinking they were any good. They all looked like wall sections of a room in the middle of a indecisive diy makeover. Last year there were only two things that caught my eye (wanted to take home), one was a large glossy pink phallus-ish painting called 'Marge' by Katherine Mckenzie (i have a postcard of it on my wall), the other work i liked was Paul Griffiths' eerie portraits. This year it was the same, but there was only one name i bothered to jot down on the back of my hand - Sam Barrett. His work was a breath of fresh air, some humor and fun amongst the dreary slop of his classmates. I thought he must be a total outsider, and i wondered if his classmates thought he was mad or a simpleton even? Well obviously he's neither, he's obviously a totally rad dude. What other kind of person would paint dinosaurs skating on ramps made of slime, or flying, stoned bananas with boobs? Can i get a Dude Culture high five. Using varnishes, felt tip pens, lush coloured resins and oils the paintings become saturated to the point where you think you could almost dive in to mess around in the gloop. I confess, i did poke at a particularly rubbery looking bit of resin, i couldn't resist. Here's a few pics for you to enjoy, and you can check out more of his stuff HERE, but what you really need is to see the work in the flesh, so i hope he'll be exhibiting sometime soon.

'Superior Quality', oil, varnish and felt tip pens on calico 40x50cm

'Die Brucke', felt tip pens and resin on canvas 40x50cm

Thursday, 30 July 2009

COUGH COOL gimme the heebie jeebies

Any band naming themselves after a Misfits song better be sure that they slay hard, and whilst they sound nothing like Misfits Cough Cool do slay in their own way. They way is the slow, nightmarish, trudging though the dark, wet city on your own way. Even sitting at my desk now i'm looking over my shoulder. They kinda remind me of Genders a bit, if they turned up the fuzz and the horror, the horror to 11. Go check 'em out HERE

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mean Jeans invented Dude Cultre

So everyone knows that Mean Jeans are the best band around right now yeah? Yeah. There is no doubt about their dude credentials, just look at the sticker that came with my 7" today. These righteous dudes just released my 7" of the year on Dirtnap, 'License 2 Chill' is up there with 'Last Caress' & 'Nervous Breakdown' in terms of party vibes and dude buzz. Everyone need to own this record. Below is the video for 'Stoned 2 the Bone', a track off their debut 7" just in case you weren't convinced of their dudetelligence. Er hello skull, nintendo and cross pizza thing on a skate ramp!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

sncl update

strictly no capital letters the distro we championed two posts ago has just had a tasty new batch of stuff arrive. Limited stock available so don't dilly dally. He's got Blank Dogs lp and 7", Cause Co-motion, Comet Gain, Clorox Girls, Dead Ghosts/Smith Westerns split 7" (which is awesome btw), Drunkdriver, Ganglians, Grass Widow, Intelligence, Nodzzz, Ohsees and a bunch more at just about the best prices you're likely to find.

Friday, 24 July 2009

MAZES 7" (SID002) now available. WHOOPIE


SID002 - Mazes 7", limited to 250

A: Bowie Knives

B: Bethesda, I'm A Smoker


Prices include postage:

UK - £4.50

EU - £5.50

World - £6.50

Paypal - sexisdisgusting@gmail.com

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

One small step for a Dude one giant leap for Dudekind

Congratulations goes out to our bro-dudes MALE BONDING for signing to SUB POP. They are a fucking amazing band who slay way hard live. Anyways high five to them.


Also our good pals PENS have a sweet'n'trippy new video. They're also about to embark on a US tour with Graffiti Island and Crocodiles. I am insanely jealous, but very happy for them. Exciting times.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Well priced records right to your door.


Collective-Zine has for a long time been home to the Hardcore/emo/punk/whatever community of Britain. A place to promote "proper" punk shows, and "proper" diy releases, and a place to do a lot of bitching and moaning. A proper forum where you can get into proper spats without some pussy administrator threatening to ban you for using a bad word. So we give the utmost respect to the dudes behind it.

The mighty STRICTLY NO CAPITAL LETTERS (sncl) distro accompanies the forum, and has been supplying its patrons with the latest emo/grind/hardcore/punk records at "proper" diy prices for donkeys now. My tastes haven't always aligned with what sncl stocked, but increasingly sncl has been getting in some great stuff. Stuff like Tyvek, Busy Signals, Gun Club, Dead Ghosts, Customers, Nodzzz... stuff we like here at SID Towers basically. It might not be TicTacTotally or Floridas Dying yet, but along with HOdistro its a healthy step towards me not having to spend a fortune on shipping from the US, and about frigging time too. Now you can help even more by going to sncl and buying some stuff.
PhotobucketAbove - Andy "the dude" Malcolm. the man behind sncl.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Not a post about a band or a record label or a show...

SOMBRE REPTILES aka Danielle Nemet's beautiful photo come diary blog is full of wonderfully composed mostly monochrome, but occasionally colourful glimpses of a life that appears not too dissimilar to that of mine, show, party, bar, day trip with buddies, show, party, bar, show... etc etc. If only i had the discipline to document it as comprehensively as she does. I suspect I'd still be lacking the effortless flair that Danielle's photos have in spades. Recently she kindly agreed to do a collaboration project with me, and a week or so later a packet of photos plopped onto my doormat, and i went about cutting them up with a scalpel. I've included one of these duets here along with a little taste of her untarnished work.





Friday, 10 July 2009

NEW - Where To Now? Radio show......

Check it out HERE
1. Jacuzzi Boys : The Countess (Needless 2009)
2. Cause Co-motion : Leave It All (Slumberland 2009)
3. The Dead Clodettes : Strasse No10 (Lipstick Pickup 2009)
4. AA : Hymn Of Praise (Soft Spot 2009)
5. Weekend : Drum beat for baby (Rough trade 1982)
6. The Flatmates : Tell me why (Subway Organisation 1986)
7. The Pastels : Million Tears (Creation 1984)
8. Shop Assistants : Looking Back (Chrysalis 1986)
9. Dum Dum Girls : Brite Futures (Yeti Publishing 2009)
10. The Shackles : Funeral Shroud (Sweet Rot 2009)
11. The Fresh & Onlys : Peacock & Wing (Castle Face 2009)
12. Best Coast : Sun Was So High (so was I) (Unreleased 2009)
13. Teenage Cool Kids : Foreign Lands (Narshardaa 2009)
14. Audacity : Mode (Burger Records 2009)
15. Crocodiles : I wanna kill (Fat Possum 2009)
16. The Boys : Soda Pressing (Nems Records 1977)
17. Male Bonding : Pumpkin (Paradise Vendors 2009)
18. Nice Face : Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation (Sacred Bones 2009)
19. Grass Widow : To Where (Wizard Mountain 2009)
20. Family Fodder :Debbie Harry (Fresh 1980)
21. Rosehips : I shouldn’t have to say (Subway Organisation 1987)
22. Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes: Splashing along (Narodnik 1986)
23. Lori & The Chameleons : Touch (Sire 1979)
24. The Rantouls : Little Green Hat (Chocolate Covered Records 2009)
25. Beach fossils : Vacation (Unreleased 2009)
26. Crystal Stilts : Love Is A Wave (Slumberland 2009)
27. Smith Westerns : Dreams (Hozac 2009)
28. The Cave Weddings : Bring Your Love (Hozac 2009)
29. Mean Jeans : License to Chill (Dirtnap Records 2009)
30. Busy Signals : Love & Dust Douchemaster Records (2005)
31. Bare Wires : She’s so out (Solid Sex Love Doll 2006)
32. The Coathangers : Pussywillow (Suicide Squeeze 2009)
33. AA : Society Stinks (Soft Spot 2009)
34. Ariel Pink : Flashback (Cooler Cat 2009)

So i'm digging this band right now



Got a Hospitals / Clockcleaner vibe going which can never ever be a bad thing. Its the kind of band that i fantasize about being the singer for. Like the dude from Pissed Jeans or Jack from our very own Human Hair. Sexed up drunk party dude, and sweaty.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Monday, 1 June 2009

FINALLY PUNK playing S.I.D all day dudefest

This is going to be SO REAL

Check out all the details HERE

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Sex Is Disgusting's friends CCAAVVEERRNN are putting on a stellar line-up both upstairs and downstairs at The Freebutt/Penthouse from 7.30pm onwards TONIGHT! DO NOT MISS ESSENTIAL JAMS. This is the first time I've written in here in months.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Teen Sheikhs Tees Please

Designed by the wonderful Amelia From Pens. We got them in S/M/L and only 20 of them so snap 'em up quick


Monday, 6 April 2009

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Where To Now? compilation 5

Where To Now Compilation #5 is now available for download. We hope you enjoy!

please click *HERE* or follow the link on the myspace.


Thank YouWhere To Now? x