Thursday, 26 February 2009

Human Hair 7" - order now


SID001 - Human Hair - Self-Titled 7", LTD TO 250.
www. myspace. com/humanhairband.
Featuring Henry Withers (of Lovvers) on guitar, Human Hair are a whirl of yelped sloganeering, intricate riffs and lurching repetition that sounds continually new throughout. Evoking The Birthday Party, Pissed Jeans and The Jesus Lizard, yet never directly echoing any of them, they peddle creepy post-punk with a dirty lo-fidelity crackle. DEBUT 7" OUT NOW!

Uk inc. p&p - £4.50
Europe inc. p&p - £5.50
World inc p&p - £6.50

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

YES WAY FEST is going down in history

Find all the details you need to go to this amazing looking two day party - HERE

Does anyone have a spare digital camera that is like really crappy that they'd sell me so I can illuminate this blog, and thus your lives, with pictorial depictions of how we do it (baby)? If so please get in touch and I'll pay you right after I pay the gas bill, electricity bill, water bill and pressing plant. THE CREDIT CRUNCH.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Sex Is Disgusting Faceparty

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Obviously someone went to see Notorious yesterday. Mixed feelings but pretty entertaining on the whole. Having an East Coast Youtube fest of a morning. Our show on Sunday was great, everyone killed it, new friends, fun times! I am going to start using this blog again.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Wavves / Pens / Mazes - Brighton

Ticket are £5.50 + bf, only available from Edgeworld Records, 6 Kensington Gardens (above Re-load) - 01273 628 262

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Sex Is Disgusting Presents .. #4

Thee Fair Ohs/The Pharoahs/Les Pharnons -www. myspace. com/theemightypharoahs
'Speed garage' evoking unruly youth (attack rex), sludge-laden grunge on 45rpm and good time-garage in a bad-time blender. They are releasing the 'I'm A Woman, I'm Your Wife' 7" on Sex Is Disgusting Records late spring/early summer. That'll be followed by another 7" in 2009 and a song on a G.G Allin tribute tape!

Teeth - www. myspace. com/teethdance
Obnoxious laptop screech, warm electronics, crashing and partying through the walls of The Hobgoblin. Based in London this three-piece have just returned from some West Coast U.S dates including The Smell!

Peepholes - www. myspace. com/wearepeepholes
Peepholes are two sweet people playing sour jams, shambolic punk hits of the most awesome nature. Expect the punk influences injected with a healthy dose of pop nouse, a bunch of screaming and stamping of feet.

Cold Pumas - www. myspace. com/coldpumas
Cold Pumas songs run rings around themselves, hymns of pounding repetition that lock into a groove and run with it. Ex-Models influenced jerky now-wave with an equal measure of reverbing melody and bile.

Lonely hearts, shake off the Valentine's blues. Hey, maybe you'll even meet someone special to ensure Valentine's Day 2010 will be a sexual odyseyy for you. Those who are already taken, eschew Saturday's romance, do nothing whatsoever for the one you love and then SURPRISE! Sunday comes and they're rocking out, whatta gift! Seriously, all will be forgiven if you take them to this romance-fest.

Sunday February 15th 2009.
(Suggested donation £4 to ensure we cover the transport of the bands from London)

THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 February 2009