Friday, 28 November 2008


Lovvers are opening for Jay Reatard this evening in The Engine Rooms, Brighton, 8pm onwards, I am unsure of how much it is to get in, probably about £7? If you are unfamiliar with them then please view the above video or check out songs here. For the uninitiated, their music brings to mind visions of bubblegum that's been dropped on a pavement and accumulated a coating of sleaze, scuzz and dirt. The cops drove by and caught Paul Westenburg, Greg Sage and Keith Morris, pink bubbles popping on their lips and sentenced them to some community service together, scraping it off the sidewalk. If they had a jam afterwards and wrote songs of discontent with working, with the man, with things that are no fun then the result would perhaps sound a little like Lovvers.

From the mouth of Danny Diablo ..

"I lived out in Cleveland for like a year and a half with my ex-girlfriend. She’s part of Integrity’s crew with whom we had beef from back in the day. It all started when I went on tour in ‘92 with Sick of It All, Biohazard, and Sheer Terror. They played a show in Peabody’s in Cleveland. Toby from H2O was on the road with me too, and I guess his wife’s named Moon? Anyway she had beef with Dwid from Integrity and the guy punched Moon in the face. He had a reason for doing it, but I don’t know what the reason was. I was with Toby, so I saw that, knocked the kid out, and chased the rest of the band outside. And that was it. I guess Dwid found out I used to be in a band called Crown of Thorns, and told people I was just like a little hardcore kid instead of the real thing. Whatever, I never paid any attention to it. But then I went to Europe and he was talking shit, and I was like, “Yo, come on.” People were saying, “Come on, this guy’s crazy. He reads Dianetics.” So I was like, “All right, get outta here.” But he was giving me more shit, and I was like, “What is he, fucking crazy? Obviously he’s fucking crazy.” I was getting furious at this point.

So I moved to Cleveland with my girl and I went to play pool at the same place as these guys. After like two to three hours of playing pool they come up and go, “What’s up with you?” and I was like, “What’s up? You guys have a beef?” They go, “No, no, we love fucking hardcore.” So that was pretty cool, and they told this Dwid dude to give me a call. He calls up and I say, “No talking, meet me outside. We’ll take care of it like men.” So he calls back, you know, “No, it’s all right, whatever. Everything’s cool, you know, this and that, it’s over.” So cool, you know? We shoot the shit for a while, but it’s over, right? So then I leave.

My girl calls me up like four weeks later going, “Yo, fuck this guy.” I was like, “Why?” She tells me, “He called back and started talking shit to my brother while I was away from the phone.” She’d gone to the bathroom, and he’d called back and was making fun of her brother, saying stupid stuff about Ebonics and New York City and everything. So it was on now.

I went to Holland to play this show like 30 minutes away from where he was playing, so we drove out there. Basically I was in Europe thinking they can’t press charges on me, so me and my boy Boston Mike, rest in peace, and my boy Goat—it was us three, we went to his thing looking for him. I see their tour manager, this European guy, so we grab him in an alleyway, put him in the frickin’ van—basically kidnap the guy—and started questioning him, “Where is he?” We get the address and head over to it. It’s this old European, Swiss Miss-like bed and breakfast, you know—very country. So we go upstairs, put on a European accent like “Ello?” but they don’t answer. So then I was like, “Fuck that.” I kick the door down and everyone’s running. The band is already running through another door in their room, trying to get outside and jump the fence.

Dwid comes running up and goes, “Yo, what’s up?” kinda like, “Hey, it’s me, I’m sorry.” He walks up to me, and I just punch him in the face, one shot. Then I proceeded to beat him down, bad.

I had ten stitches in my hand from this cut I’d got, so I was like, “God, I can’t hit him that hard.” As a result I was beating him with a 40-ounce of Coca Cola, like one of those European bottles. It’s fucking him up, but I wanna really beat him good. I make his bandmates watch, and he’s on the floor like, “You are the king, you are the king,” and I’m like, “Yo, stop it, please. Be a man. Get up.” But he keeps going, “No, you are the king of hardcore. I’m a bitch, I’m a little bitch”—which makes me more furious cause I don’t know if he’s mocking me or something and it’s really fucking my head. So I beat him even more. I grab his arm and twist it and I hear a pop, and that was it. I broke his ribs, his cheekbones. It was really bad.

He’s on the floor bleeding and I’m like, “That’s it. I got no more.” He goes, “I don’t want to lose my band over you, even though I deserve it.” And I say, “You’re a little bitch, you’ve deserved it seven to eight years in the making.”

It was funny because all the guys in the band, like Frank, became my boys when I lived in Cleveland. I played basketball and hung out with them every day. But basically, that was it. He had to have plastic surgery in Europe for his cheekbones and everything—his ribs were broken, his nose and jaw were broken, his arm was dislocated. Then he went back to his house, and found his wife fucking some guy. So the poor guy—I feel bad for him. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

There was another guy, Chubbie Fresh, who was also in Integrity and used to talk all this shit too. He used to prank all our houses when we were kids, which is how it all started. That kid, he played with Motörhead in Cleveland, and he was on the phone and I punched him dead in his face. He ran and brought the cops back to the show, so I had to hide. They ended up arresting one of the guys from Hatebreed by accident, then I came back and played the show anyway.

But then when I lived in Cleveland I caught him again. The Lunachicks were playing in like the Grog Shop or somewhere, and he pulled up on a Ninja motorcycle all guido’d out with cow spots on it. So I go up to him like, “What’s up?” He goes, “Oh, that old beef is over, when you beat down Dwid,” and I go, “No, it’s not over,” and I punch him again in his fucking face. One of his friend comes up like, “Yo, that’s my boy.” I go, “Mind your business,” and he goes, “This is my business,” so I punched him and knocked him out too. I ran inside the club—this was by myself—got the bouncer, and with the bouncer started taking beer bottles off the bar and smacking them across the guy’s face.

I was living in Murray Hill, so I went back to my house, but then I was like, “Yo, I bet someone’s going to rat me out on where I live.” So I take my dog and I’m going up the street, and all of a sudden I see cops coming down my block. So I go the other way with my dog, and the cops go down to my place and are talking to my girl or whatever, and who do I see around the other corner? Chubbie Fresh standing there on his motorcycle with his helmet off, posing with his hand on his hip and the other on the handlebar. I go “What’s up?” and he sees me and starts yelling, “Oh my god, he’s here! He’s here!” So I let my dog loose on him. He starts running, my dog Ajax is biting his tires, and he goes over to grab the cops to come back after me. I had to hide in the forest in Ohio for like an hour and a half covering my dog’s mouth so he wouldn’t bark at the cops.

Danny Diablo"

Stolen from a free magazine's online home - Too good not to repost. Beef. Today I have been mostly listening to Leeway. Remember seeing them in The Underworld in July '06, it was a strange show but definitely good, I wasn't as in to them as I am now which is saddening and makes me a moron. Aidan Baldwin in reference to Rise & Fall by Leeway; "listen to that riff, if it doesn't make you want to kill someone then there is something wrong with you". An odd logic but near enough truth.

Eddie Sutton kind of shouts over the riff in question to the extent that he renders it almost inaudible and does have a balloon on his head but is unfuckwithable so wins.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Friday, 21 November 2008

The best website there is

Loads of photographers online portfolios. You will spend hours on this site, and its worth every second. HERE



Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wrestlemania 2000 And Hate.

Fucked Up's current tour support Let's Wrestle are, unfortunately, one of the worst band's I've came across in a while. Jus' saying. But what is NOT bad is the art of wrestling itself. Both parts of Sex Is Disgusting and compadre Merida Richards indulged in the art yesterday evening after getting drunk and listening to M. Pyres, Graffiti Island, Wavves, Pens, Human Hair, The Pheromoans, The Sticks & Gyratory Systems REALLY loudly whilst my manager and colleague tried to play chess like RZA. Diving off chairs, grabbing legs, grappling, throwing one another, changing allegiances, kicks to the shin, all the famous moves were there. It was cathartic and beautiful. I am getting the bars tattooed on me in forty minutes, I'm going to bleed alcohol but not as much as I bled during our bout yesterday evening. Sweet.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

What essay?

Brighton-based people or friend's of Brighton based people;

On Sunday December 7th we host Black Time, Graffiti Island & The Sticks. We need to borrow 1xDRUM KIT, 1xGUITAR AMP & 1x BASS AMP for this show. If you have the equipment or know some people who may be able to help then please be in touch. If there is any money left from the donations taken then we will offer a small cash reward. If not we will buy you a few drinks or some dinner, wash your dishes, put on your band, put someone on ice for you, whatevs.

The Andy half of Sex Is Disgusting is playing some records @ The Penthouse on Saturday for 20 Jazz Funk Greats. It is an incredible blog I am sure you are all familiar with and it will act as a precursor for the evening's frivolities ie. Angry Dance Party. It is free to enter, the drinks are cheap, the decor is to die for and you might hear some "shitgaze"! Come one, come all, NO REQUESTS HONOURED.

Sex Is Disgusting Presents ... #001

Black Time, Graffiti Island & The Sticks
Sunday December 7th 2008
The Hobgoblin, Brighton, 8pm. £Donations.


Black Time (In The Red Records)

A mutated garage attack, limbs made of distrortion, a brain of aborted melody, feet tapping the wrong beat to fucked up riffs that'll latch to your brain like a leech. New record on In The Red Records (Vivian Girls, Black Lips etc.)

Graffiti Island (Sex Is Disgusting/House Anxiety)

Do you like getting creeped out? How about getting turned on? Both at the same time? Highly-sexed creep punk, bare bones rhythm, songs about ancient rituals delivered with a lobotomised charm. Two 7"s in the worx.

The Sticks (Upset The Rhyhtm)

Not all garage rock is made in a garage. I've seen these guys thrashing on their instruments on the beach under the moonlight. Howling infectious rhythms at the moon, barefoot, possesed, devoid of sanity. Not much is known of these men, caution advised around these locals.

This event is, as you can see, in The Hobgoblin & as such will be charged on a basis of donations. We want everyone to feel that they can come regardless of capital but please keep in mind that two bands are travelling from London, all three bands are amazing and thus suitable donations are appreciated, all money goes directly to the bands & a break-down of this will be posted post-show.

This is the first of what will be somewhat regular evenings presented by Sex Is Disgusting. The second is in The Prince Albert in January and the third is in a t.b.c venue on Thursday 5th March featuring Wavves and Pens! Fun times!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Where To Now Radio show number 10


1. Dead Luke : Jumping jack flash drive - Sacred bones (2008)
2. Crocodiles : Neon jesus - Zoo music (2008)
3. The Muslims : Parasites - I hate rock and roll (2008)
4. Golden Triangle : Night brigade - Rob’s house (2008)
5. Karate Party : Pressure - S-S records (2005)
6. Lovvers : Wasted Youth - Witchita (2008)
7. Viva American Death Ray : Bombs - Shattered records
8. Cabaret Voltaire : Drinking Gasoline - Virgin (1985)
9. Gang Gang Dance : Afoot - Warp (2008)
10. Indian Jewelry : Overdrive - We are free (2008)
11. Crystal Stilts : The Dazzled - Slumberland (2008)
12. Times New Viking : Call & respond - Matador (2008)
13. Factums : Mixture - Sacred Bones (2008)
14. U.S. Maple : Lay Lady Lay - Drag City (2003)
15. Eyeless in Gaza : Fixation - Cherry Red (1981)
16. Project - Komakino : KV-1 - Parlour Records (2008)
17. Shoes For Industry : Spend - Fried egg (1980)
18. Cause Co-motion : I lie awake - Slumberland (2008)
19. Blurt : Cut it - Orchestra pit (2008)
20. His Electro Blue Voice : Duuug - Sacred bones (2008)
21. Scum : Visions Arise - Loog (2008)
22. Little Claw : Race to the Bottom - Siltbreeze (2008)
23. The Feelers : Zombies (Parts 2 & 3) - Bachelor (2007)
24. Plexi 3 : We Know Better - Hozak (2008)

Go here and sccroll down to "rock beats" and then click on "altindie & punk funk" and its right there for yous.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bastard In Hove

This is a redux, post was written as my eyes had barely opened this morning and suffered much for that fact ie. was unreadable.

This is what is up today people. Obama is in, which is an amazing thing; criticism has been levelled at peoples' unwavering enthusiasm. I guess what cynics discount is that the American public, and world at large, know this isn't a one-stop solution but if you even doubt for a second what a positive step it is then I pity you. I've never seen people appear so hopeful, so active, so enthusiastic about a politician, the issues they represent, and about change they believe they will usher in and I think that, in itself, speaks volumes. Proposition 8 is scary though, Cali friends - essemble! Plus, in the U.K we have a terrifiying proposition in itself called The Conservative Party and the fact that all this sad sad malaise is allowing them to make headway; scary, no complacency please! Blank Dogs have posted a new song on Myspace & have a new tape available from Fuck It Tapes, prolific dude. Wavves are touring the UK in early 2009 with Sex Is Disgusting handling a Brighton date, I am booking the venue today; this will run after Sex Is Disgusting shows happening in December in The Hobgoblin and January in The Prince Albert, the bands are to be confirmed for both but the fact that it is going to shred has been confirmed, signed, sealed and will deliver. Let's start a gang by the sea. To top it all off, I am (or was, at the time of originally writing) listening to Loose Nut by B-Flag. Choice of record inspired by the fact it includes Bastard In Love (see below), a song that appears as a cover on the B-Side of the new Mika Miko single (a-side on 20JFG), which I accidentally just dropped $50 for on eBay whilst merely attempting to find the postage fee out of curiosity - CANNOT AFFORD, SEND OFFERS. Despite that, all former facts mean life is A+.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Goodbye Boozy

Italian label Goodbye Boozy have been releasing garage punk hits for time now. With most peoples eyes firmly fixed on whats happening over the water on such labels as Hozac, Goner, Sweet Rot, Almost Ready etc etc its sure is nice to have a label closer to home putting out tasty garange junk 'n' roll . Seeing as the pound aint so strong against the dollar no more and shipping costs going through the roof, we need it.

They've just released three amazing 45s - Ty Seagal, Party Fowl & Red Mass. Go check them all out here.


For more garage punk stuff in europe check out Shit In Can Records, Ptrash, and Guy at hodistro has some sweet stuff in his store.