Monday, 20 July 2009

Well priced records right to your door.


Collective-Zine has for a long time been home to the Hardcore/emo/punk/whatever community of Britain. A place to promote "proper" punk shows, and "proper" diy releases, and a place to do a lot of bitching and moaning. A proper forum where you can get into proper spats without some pussy administrator threatening to ban you for using a bad word. So we give the utmost respect to the dudes behind it.

The mighty STRICTLY NO CAPITAL LETTERS (sncl) distro accompanies the forum, and has been supplying its patrons with the latest emo/grind/hardcore/punk records at "proper" diy prices for donkeys now. My tastes haven't always aligned with what sncl stocked, but increasingly sncl has been getting in some great stuff. Stuff like Tyvek, Busy Signals, Gun Club, Dead Ghosts, Customers, Nodzzz... stuff we like here at SID Towers basically. It might not be TicTacTotally or Floridas Dying yet, but along with HOdistro its a healthy step towards me not having to spend a fortune on shipping from the US, and about frigging time too. Now you can help even more by going to sncl and buying some stuff.
PhotobucketAbove - Andy "the dude" Malcolm. the man behind sncl.


andy malcolm said...

thanks for the kind words! probably the nicest things anyone has ever written about collective or sncl!!

sexisdisgusting said...

no worries dude