Friday, 14 August 2009


Artwork by Danielle Nemet for the 'Cat Tails / At The Mouth Of The Swollen Summer' c20 on Digitalis Ltd

The generously prolific PINK PRIEST has been flossing my brain with his heavy-drone-synth-pop-rocks for time now. With summer jams like 'Falling In Love For Years And Years' he manages to condense a whole mid-summers heatwave day up in one song. You can feel that prickly burn on the back of your neck, smell the sickly mixture of sweat and suncream, and hear the hum of those elusive crickets as the sun sets against a red sky. All that and in under 3mins. Then there are the claustrophobic, dark, brooding and heavy pulses of 'A Peach From Hell' (a+ for the title), or the chilly and glacial 'Sleep Ranger'. All are executed with delicate and understated skill, restrained and refined, a beautiful simplicity. Currently there's a cdr on La Station Radar, a few tapes on BATHETIC, aB, FAMILY TIME, and a forthcoming LP also on La Station Radar. The dude behind PINK PRIEST also writes the fantastic GOD OF BLUES blog. Go check it all out, you got time to kill.

Artwork by me for the 'Honeysuckle' Lp on La Station Radar.


Katy said...

that LP artwork is really really great

Amy said...

Ace artwork. nice.