Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tape that.

Three amazing bands, Graffiti Island, Pens and Male Bonding, have recorded two songs each and all appear on ONE tape. All three bands are playing in ONE venue this evening, to celebrate the release of that ONE tape. There will be more than ONE copy there. If it promises to be ONE thing, then that thing is FUN. Grunge fancy dress optional but you don't want to be the odd ONE out. Are you going to come? There is only ONE answer.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Multiple Sidosis by Sid Laverents

Made in 1970!! Thinking about how he did all the multitraking and synching back then with no budget whatsoever makes my brain want to shit itself out of my eyes.

Friday, 17 October 2008


Lilo Feast Volume 2 #5


∆ at: The Penthouse ∆

∆ wasteline / ghettobass / corewave / bytestep ∆

∆ £free / £cheap drinks / 8pm-1am ∆

∆ projections / +ve vybes / live lilos ∆

Life but how to live it ..

I am about to have a bath. I just ate a Pink Lady Apple; a luxury item. Like people need to know that one half of a label who haven't released anything yet is having a bath. I am narcissistic and it is disgusting. Here is some vintage Dinosaur Jr. The main reason I like this is dude's chilling on mountains, Mascis pumping out a solo and saying "altitude, gtfo". Peace. Real news coming soon regarding us losing our 7" shaped virginity.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The bright white heat of the night

Brighton's flagship disco night finally gets a permanent home on the last saturday of every month at the new and very sexy 'n' intimate mini club MICRO (function 1 sound system too). The launch night is the 25th october, get there early to avoid disappointment...the capacity is only around 150!! Dress to impress and thats no joke. Dig?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ain't no weakend.

If you are unfamiliar with the above concept, The Sads, of Teenage Teardrops Records & based in L.A, have recently been performing silent shows. These shows consist of the band playing in the middle of a room surrounded by seating, each seat comes with corresponding headphones through which to listen to the performance. The room itself is entirely silent, save for any noises made outwith the performance. Teenage Teardrops are releasing a 12" record with artwork by Mike Mills, featuring a recent silent performance; the a) is the musical sum of it's parts and the b) is the sound made in the room whilst people were watching and listening through their headphones. This weekend they bring this performance to London's ICA for five performances spread over Saturday and Sunday afternoon, bringing an end to The Frieze Art Fair and pre-empting the ICA's imminent showing of Sad's vocalist Aaron Rose's Beautiful Losers. The Sad's sound like a typewriter and a piano hung down the middle of an ornate spiral staircase from someone's heartstrings. Fragile, beautiful and pure. What's more, this is free, there really is no excuse for not attending what should be both enriching sounds and a new experience.

Each performance lasts 30 minutes, timetable of performances is below;

Saturday 18 October 2008 2:00 pm
Saturday 18 October 2008 3:00 pm

Sunday 19 October 2008 3:00 pm
Sunday 19 October 2008 4:00 pm
Sunday 19 October 2008 5:00 pm

To book your place, please call the ICA box office on 020 7930 3647.

Other fully backed happenings this weekend are;

Banks Viollete show is coming to an end at Maureen Paley, Saturday and Sunday are your final opportunities to take it in. I am yet to see it so can only speculate that it, in the tradition of his work, will be channeling a rotting society, the bluster and pomp of black metal and both rigid and fluid structures but always blvkkvst. Features projections using vapourised water and replica's of burnt-out churches inspired by his communication with the charming Snorre Ruch, vocalist with '89 black metal band Thorns and dude who chills in jail. If Tolstoy said art was defined by it's ability to communicate a morality to the masses and a universal positive message which unites people then what can be said of art influenced by destruction, murder, intense riffs and guttural screams? He would say this negates it's moral obligation as art but fuck moral obligation, it looks incredible.

Lucky Dragons, Barr, Hawnay Troof and David Scott Stone are playing an Upset The Rhythm show. An evening of treats for the ears and eyes. Sumiinkclub are touring with Lucky Dragons and have brought their very own Upset The Rhythm shirts. Go scribble & listen to some incredible people! I saw Barr in the rickety, tiny downstairs room of The Captain's Rest in Glasgow but no, within a matter of minutes I was no longer in the room, I was in Brendan Fowler's mind, the palm of his hand and using his thoughts, spilled so freely, as a mirror with which to better examine mine. DSS, Hawnay Troof and Lucky Dragons are all winners too. I am particularly enamoured with Lucky Dragons and if you haven't checked out Luke & co's latest UTR record then please do, it is their most realised effort yet. At once both sharp, bright and dazzling yet also shrouded in haze, like the contents of a toy shop's window, a shop devoid of custom with a window display full of objects bleached from bright to pastel by the sun's glare.

In Brighton, we see the return of Angry Dance Party, a night of CRUNK // HYPHY // DANCEHALL // STREET BASS // 4X4 // GRIME // GHETTOTECH // TECHNO // BALTIMORE; it's a reaction. SATURDAY 18TH OCTOBER // EVERY THIRD SATURDAY OF THE MONTH // MICRO -187 KINGS ROAD ARCHES (next to Digital) // ELEVEN TILL THREE // £5 ENTRY. Minimix available to download here. Come & crack some skulls/smile.
Good people putting in much work to ensure Brighton has a respectable club to dance to underground and underexposed DANCE music of varying stylings. NO SLOW JAMXXXX.

This weekend also see's the inaugural TV PARTY, a new evening in the ICA, it is free, starts at 8pm and is screening GG Allin's 'Hated', Kenneth Anger shorts & The New Adventures Of Pete and Pete. It encourages you to bring beer and smokes on the flyer, the tagline is "We Got Nothin' Better To Do" and the first evening features live music from Sex Is Disgusting's good friend Arch M. It sounds like someone had a dream that crammed lots of awesome in but almost seemed too much and too disparate. They just shrugged it off like it ain't no thang and made a club-night out of it. Oh, tired mind. Listen to The Dutchess and The Duke, Gentleman Jesse, Bad Parents, Friendly Neighbours and EYEHATEGOD. Find it all yourself, I am sick of helping you dicks. xx

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Human Hair

More exciting new UK band news. The wonderful Henry from the equally as wonderful Lovvers has another band. How he finds the time i do not know but he does and its fucking rad.


We hope to be working with them in the near future, good things await.

Friday, 10 October 2008

You've Got An Ugly Face & Y'know ..

If anyone is aware of any contemporary hardcore bands who come close to sounding like Die Kreuzen in any kind of credible way then please send me a link. I will not initially believe you but please link me anyway. Fuck, what a band, riff at 00.59 is awesome and the way it kicks back in so seamlessly totally marries the seemingly disparate concepts of exemplary muscianship with scrappy punk rock. Naysayers be damned, punk kids can play tight. Fugg. If you aren't already aware of this band then Touch & Go recently reissued the first two records which is basically perfect timing for you. Do it!

Buy records here.

Also, if you know how to embed videos on .blogspot accounts then let me know, I copy& pasted the Youtube code a number of times but it wouldn't accept the HTML. I know so little about that sort of shit that I just typed HTLM and didn't notice. Thanks. (FIXED, I WIN)

Graffiti Island/Pens/Male Bonding Split.

Pre-orders are available now from Graffiti Island for £3 + p&p. Pre-orders ship on October 29th. It is a self-released tape by Conan GI, and will absolutely slay all. Tracklist is as follows;

Pens - Freddie
Pens - I Heart U
Male Bonding - Some Power Issues
Male Bonding - Full Bonding
Graffiti Island - Demonic Cat
Graffiti Island - Pet Snake

There are three covers to choose from; Pens, Graffiti Island, Male Bonding, (top-bottom)

Tapes will also be available directly from Male Bonding and Pens after release. Sex Is Disgusting should also have a small supply. There is a release show at The Mustache Bar in Dalston, London on October 29th with all three bands playing (duh). Due to the close proximity of Hallow's Eve it will allegedly be grunge themed. I guess that means greasy hair, facial hair, flannel shirts, ripped jeans, baggy sweaters and listening to Nirvana. I have no idea how that will differ for me from any other given day of the week but fun times.

So ..

... it begins. Fickle, faithless children, come hither and we will tell you stories your wildest imagination could not even begin to fathom without the guidance of our red right hand. We will fashion these misanthropic, coruscating and visceral tales not through the language in which I am currently procrastinating but rather in the air, in the sound, directly to your tympanic membrane. Except often we will, in fact, merely write. We will also show you images. We will also show you Youtube videos, often, I imagine, one's of little or no relevance to our typical subjects; sax, droogs and rock & roll. In fact, sound will mainly come into play when we put out records or put on shows, which are our main purposes, something not particularly obvious thus far in this post. We can also be found at

Peace out.