Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Barreracudas


Digging the Barreracudas so hard at the moment, they’ve had a previous 7” on Douchemaster records and have a brand new one out on Bachelor records which showcases their positively awesome powerpop streaked take on 70’s glam punk – think the new york dolls but if they were on a mega light-hearted tip singing songs about the stupidest of shit like eating dog food & being bummed out that some chick you’re totally into and want to party with isn’t up for getting wasted with you at all. Absolute party vibes. Pick up the 7” along with all the other quality new releases on bachelor here – prices work out super cheap to the uk.

Check the a side ‘dog food’ over at the Bachelor records myspace

- Matt Hendon

Monday, 25 January 2010

Very good Bad Sports

Been playing nothing but Bad Sports for the last week. Featuring members of Wax Museums, so you know this band is gonna slay. Its so good i wont even mention the slightly dubious artwork. Get it now from the ever awesome Douchemaster Records.