Wednesday, 12 August 2009

RENT BOYS are making it

These dudes from Leeds fucking slay. I just stumbled on their myspazz page in some late night band surf and was floored. My jaw literally dropped. Every track is a 100% solid winner. They kinda do that party time garage punk thing a bit like Personal & The Pizzas, Traditional Fools or Audacity maybe. But fuck comparisons Rent Boys make this stuff their own. Oh man the front man can properly wail, he doesn't have to use tons of reverb, or make the vocals sound like hes eating biscuits under water. I am catching some heavy vibes from this and these tracks were all recorded with one mic!? WOAH. I gotta party with these dudes too, cos you know these dudes party. Hopefully Sex Is Disgusting will be working with these guys in the not too distant future. Check it HERE

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Daviyana said...

Sex with these guys is having much fun.
I also gotta party with these dudes.
Thanks for creating this nice blog!