Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bands you don't know but should. Installment 3.

The indie-pop revival is just round the corner, i'm sure of it. The Wolfhounds, Brilliant Corners, The Clean, The Pastels, Blue Boy, Shop Assistants, Flatemates, Orange Juice and everything on Sarah Records, and the early K records stuff, and Postcard was all too good not to have a revival sooner or later, so i want everyone to get together in the the spirit of indie-pop and make it happen. Write cute zines about baking, learn to knit and how to mend clothes, smile, release records by bands comprised of spotty, awkward, gangly boys and pigtailed girls wearing homemade dresses with the average age of 15, and at least one of them must be able to play the trumpet. Come on! i've been waiting for ages for this, the time is right.


PLaaydoh - Billy

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

We need a label logo. Help.

We need a versatile, simple, striking design that will work well large or small.

Look at old punk and hardcore labels/bands/flyers etc for inspiration. Check out the bands we’ll be releasing (Human Hair, Graffiti Island, Mazes, Thee Pharoahs).

Your design will feature on many different formats; website, records, posters, badges, t-shirts etc.

We want one black and white version and one two colour version of your design and we need it asap (deadline first week of February).

As well as invaluable respect, love and worship you will receive a prize if your design is chosen.

We decided to open this upto the world as thus far we haven't really hit upon anything that has worked for us and it is more fun if everyone plays.

Also, we have been approached by Vice Magazine, some new punk zine based in London or something, to contribute some content for their online home at Look for the first of our weekly columns to appear over the next week or two. Thanks.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

WHERE TO NOW? radio show number 11

go here and scroll down to "rock beats" and click "altindie & punk funk" to listen


The dodgems : I don’t care (attrix 1978)
Dean dirg : Never adds up (2006)
Big flame : sometimes (Laughing gun 1984)
Teenage panzerkorps : Unfavorable meanings (Siltbreeze2008)
Blessure grave : Take it to your grave (Down in theground 2009)
Nodzzz : In the city (contact high) (Whats your rupture 2008)
Spirit photography :Time is racing (Sacred bones 2009)
The brilliant corners : Everything I ever wanted (Mcqueenrecords 1988)
The Rantouls : It’s different now (Chocolate Coveredrecords 2008)
The Soup Dragons : Whole wide world (Subway4 1986)
Human Hair : Sleeping (Sex is Disgusting 2009)
The Sticks : AirWaves (Upset The Rhythm 2009)
Perfect Strangers : Get out (and fade away) (Libra 1980)
Alternative TV : Strange kicks (IRS 1981)
15. Pens : High In The Cinema (..Paradise..Vendors 2008)
Vivian Girls : Second Date (Wild World 2008)
Occult Chemistry : Water – Earth (Dining-Out Records1979)
Silk Flowers : Chance Of Showers (Self Released 2008)
The Mans : Dum Dum Love (Covert Pop 2007)
Lamps : EliSEO (In The Red 2008)
Love Tan : Thinking Lately (Kill Shamen 2008)
Screaming Mee Mees : Going For Grease (Bag OfHammers1985)
The Pheromoans : Penis Envy (Convulsive Records 2009)
24. Animals & Men : Headphones (....Mississippi.... Records 2008)
The Disconcerts : Exterior human emotion (live)(Unreleased 2008)
Its immaterial : No place for a prompter (Big pow 1982)
I’m so hollow : distraction (Hologram 1980)
35mm dreams : More than this (More than this 1980)
The Subtle Turnhips : F* the people F* the power (Hozac 2008)
Here comes a big black cloud : I Got Mine (RecordedRecords 2008)
Native Hipsters : Poor Prince (Glass/Illuminated 1982)

Friday, 9 January 2009

"What Up Fat Mo?" / "I GOT VOCAB!"

Damn. I was planning on interviewing Chi-City for Spillage but according to they've got there first. Ah well, I might just do it anyway. Catch a flava'. This is a personal favourite;

I missed Chi-City on my end of 2008 list, sorry, mad love.

Agnostic Front were the first hardcore band I ever saw, I believe it was in 2000. They didn't play any of this stuff which is actually good, nor did they display their incredible ability to mime.

Delivering serious cringes, worst Nirvana cover ever. Persevere with it, it gets better throughout. By better I obviously mean far worse.

This is real, it exists, i've seen it

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Vending a slice o' paradise ...

If you recall Old Blood from James' first post regarding new bands we're stoked on then surely you will be very excited to learn they are part of an upcoming four-way split on Paradise Vendors Inc, with;

Male Bonding - who we have playing on 15th January & will be in the States for SXSW!
Rapid Youth - formerly Hey Buddy & The Pals!
Graffiti Island - Records in '09 on Sex Is Disgusting, Captured Tracks and House Anxiety!

Woah. Here is a little teaser ad;

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sex Is Disgusting Presents No. II

Sex Is Disgusting Presents .. #2

Kicking off 200&Fine with an awesome bang. If you are after some seriously funtime garage-gunk-n-roll then this is the one. We've shot our load on this lineup...

Male Bonding - www. myspace. com/malebonding
- We're stoked to be bringing Male Bonding's caustic & rhythmic live show to Brighton. Equal parts cowbell, grunge and celebration, I fully expect them to continue blowing minds in '09. Split due in March with Old Blood, Rapid Youth and Graffiti Island on Paradise Vendors Inc. Exciting for real.

The Hipshakes - www. myspace. com/thehipshakes
- An aural party from Sheffield whose rambunctuous garage and roll spits in the face of any Southern misconception about 'the grey north'. Previous records have been released on Tic Tac Totally (Wavves, Lover!) and Goner Records (The Oblivians, Jay Reatard).
Totally slays!

Pheromoans - www. myspace. com/pheromoans
- Brighton's merry band of miscreants, a shambolic troupe of "Rain Men" in the mold of Dustin, scientists performing experiments on your ears and minds, a meltdown between no-wave and garage rock? All this and more my friends. Expect a slew of releases worldwide in 2009.

Sex Beet - www. myspace. com/sexbeet
- 2-piece side project from The Lusts peddling pure rock and roll to corrupt your mind and soul. They've recently recorded 7" and I believe it is currently being mixed by members of The Hipshakes up north.
Fun times!

& Sex Is Disgusting and Go Faster! DJs between/after bands.

Friday, 2 January 2009


Seriously, just watched Heathers, crushing hard.