Sunday, 27 December 2009

Merida's End of Year List

Band of the Year - Teen Sheikhs (2009-2009, R.I.P.)

Shows -
Nobunny, Okmoniks, Rock n' Roll Adventure Kids, Hygiene @ The Stags Head
S.I.D. Dudefest - Finally Punk, Cold Pumas, Human Hair, Teen Shiekhs, La La Vasquez, The Sticks
Total Freedom Warehouse Party - Male Bonding, Teen Sheikhs, Fair Ohs, Mazes, Rad Guillotine
Special Mention to T.I.T.S, Fun Anna, Nodzzz, Veronica Falls, Yes Way Fest.

The Hunches - Exit Dreams
Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans
Christmas Island - Blackout Summer
Grass Widow - S/T
Tyvek - S/T

Cheap Time - Woodland Drive
Girls at Dawn - Never Enough
Graffiti Island/ Old Blood/ Male Bonding/ Rapid Youth - split 7"
Mildred and the Mice - I Like My Mice (Dead)
The Pheromoans - Penis Envy/Revamper

Track of the Year-
Teen Sheikhs - Cracked

Runner-Up Band of the Year -
Trash Kit
Faves from the Vaults:

The Raincoats - The Raincoats
Bette Davis and the Balconettes - Surf Surf, Kill Kill
Pink Section - Pink Section
The Clean - Anthology
Fire Engines - Candyskin/Meat Whiplash

Best LP Art -
Woods - Songs of Shame

Worst LP Art
Tyvek - Tyvek

Best 7" Art -
Christmas Island - Nineteen/Twenty Nine

Worst 7" Art
Wavves - To The Dregs

Label of the Year -
Captured Tracks

Top Tips for 2010
Fair Ohs write the Fifa World Cup Anthem and become millionaires
Trash Kit and The Raincoats team up and release a killer violin lead post-punk masterpiece.
Captured Tracks buckles under the pressure of too many releases and a lot of Terminal Boredom posters are very angry
La La Vasquez release lots of records! Yeaahhh!

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Daniel Novakovic said...

Hurray for La La Vasquez releasing records!