Saturday, 28 November 2009


Box Elders
Black Mamba Beat
The Greenhouse Effect, Brighton, 8pm, £5, Wednesday 2nd December 2009

We're super excited about Box Elders. In fact, not only are we super excited about them in general we are specifically super excited about putting on a show for them, Mazes, Hygiene and Black Mamba Beat on Wednesday 2nd December in The Greenhouse Effect, Brighton. You should be too unless you don't like rock & roll, garage, punk rock, KBD, fuzzy-pop, The Minutemen, cheap beers, dingy basements, smoking terraces, distros, smiling people, dancing or life, all of which are elements integral to this show either as REAL PHYSICAL THINGS or as influences or whatever. If you don't like those things then quite frankly you should be worried for yourself. However, I guess everyone needs things spoonfed to them in 2009 so let me put some musical jelly onto the spoon of the Internet and shovel it down your reading mouth then your ear mouth. Box Elders are all the way from Nebraska and are three gentlemen who have crafted one of the finest LPs of 2009, 'Alice & Friends', which was released on Goner Records (Jay Reatard, Carbonas, Ty Segall and so on). Their label say "Redd Kross rides with The Clean on a rollercoaster full of freshly spun cotton candy while funhouse mirrors sparkle with the reflections of confetti floating in air". We say that you should look forward to poppy garage played in outlandish outfits, under a roof damp with sweat and atop a floor damp with beer. RIGHTEOUS! Also playing are Mazes who we posted about last week but hey, no such thing as too much of a good thing. They are back in Brighton for the first time since the release of their 'Bowie Knives' 7" on Sex Is Disgusting (assholes) and play fuzzed-out blissful pop-rock for fans of The Clean, Pavement and Guided By Voices, all cut-up pop gems and tape hiss. We will have the remaining twenty or so copies of their record here! We also have Hygiene playing who our good friend Luke Younger described as "a cheeky threeway between Crisis, "Bingo Master's Breakout"-era Fall, and Cockney Rejects. Music for when you're fighting in the streets of Southwark with the psycho mafia outside the town hall you never wanted anyway". Throw in lazy references to Television Personalities and ruminations on London life in 2009 and you have Hygiene, one of the best British/Canadian punk rock bands of the forever00s. Opening proceedings are Black Mamba Beat who consist of a Black Timer and a couple of awesome buddies getting together to make some racuous Minutemen-influenced punk rock. No-one is safe, the trust fund punks, the party shy, the skater-haters, the Watt-deniers; Black Mamba Beat will accept nothing more than the total annihilation of all the above or at least a few cold tins of beer in exchange for their lives. BE VERY AFRAID. You can find the pop gem 'Jackie Wood' by Box Elders here - and the other artists are forward slash mazesmazesmazes, hygieneldn and blackmambabeat respectively. If you aren't moved to come by the show or seperated by several miles from Brighton then at least I just gave you four awesome bands for the price of one, right? Otherwise, see you at the show, watch out for the old smoking dudes with dogs on strings outside and the slippy stairs.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mazes mix

just posted on Vice is the Mazes 5 track mix. The tracks will be appearing on a tape very soon, so go check 'em.

PhotobucketArt by Anna Peaker

Monday, 23 November 2009

Pheromoans - (i'm though with) Wedgie Cubist

From their lastest 7" out now on Yakisakana.

Here's and extra vid from the sublimely bizarre Empty Shelves, featuring the talents of Rachel Vasquez & James Sticks. Lardy dah.

James Hines' Stuff

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Shot from ALL YOU NEED IS exhibition

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Some nice stuff coming out of Norwich courtesy of Cold Hands. Usually when some band messages us out of the blue asking to send a demo or wanting a support slot or something, it turns out to be a big bag of yawn. Not so here, pretty much every song shreds. They have a tape a cdr out on Milkbar. Go check it.

Monday, 9 November 2009