Saturday, 6 November 2010

Eat Skull & Gangllains

Remember that split 7" these guys put out last year? Well imagine if that pair went on tour together...that would be amazing right? Well guess what? They've only gone and made it happen.
Potential show of the year written all over it's face.


Sex Is Disgusting presents ... #27

Ganglians (Sacramento, California - Woodsist, Captured Tracks, Weird Forest)

Eat Skull (Sacramento/Oakland, California - Siltbreeze, Woodsist)

Graffiti Island (London, UK - Art Fag, Paradise Vendors, House Anxiety)

The Hope, 11 Queens Road, Brighton. 8pm, £5 advance & £6 door. 15/11/10.

Ganglians make psychedelic pop inflected with touches of 60's surf music, garage rock, folk, noise and psyche. On their debut LP 'Monster Head Room' looping vocal harmonies reigned supreme over some of the most experimental pop music of last year, songs that were simultaneously reminiscent of The Beach Boys, peers & friends' Woods, and the less abrasive side of Not Not Fun Records. We're particularly excited about having them play at The Hope for us after hearing new track 'My House', one of their catchiest pieces of music yet. Fact; their name is a mixture of gang & aliens and does not refer to the bundle of nerves known as a Ganglian. Come catch this gang of aliens & make sure to hide your weed.

After two incredible LPs and a number of CDRs, tapes and 7"s Eat Skull finally make it to the United Kingdom. We're incredibly excited about seeing this band for the first time as 'Sick To Death' and 'Wild & Inside' were amongst my favourite albums of the year in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Eat Skull's sound flirts with 80's hardcore and punk, shambling Messthetics hidden treasures, paisley pop, the indie rock of Royal Trux and early Pavement, NZ's Flying Nun label, the experimental works of The Shadow Ring & Axemen and much more. It sounds like all these things and none of them at the same time. Just great records made by people who dig good music. Third LP in 2011 apparently.

I once wrote this about Graffiti Island -
"Do you like getting creeped out? How about getting turned on? Both at the same time? Highly-sexed creep punk, bare bones rhythm, songs about ancient rituals delivered with a lobotomised charm."
Now I'm in the band & thus it'd be narcissistic to add anything further aside from that returning to that write-up made me concerned I'm harbouring sexual feelings for Pete. We are frequently compared to The Cramps and Beat Happening. New recordings coming this month.

Advance tickets available from Resident Records, Brighton: 01273 606312