Friday, 28 August 2009

Making Plans

Sex Is Disgusting enters the second cycle come September. Most people pull the plastic from their pools in the summer but instead we've covered ours, letting all manner of life gestate, letting our calm waters carry algae and microscopic life that doesn't just buzz, it feeds back, it shreds, it grows and it grows. There is much life growing. We took a break from shows over the summer and continued with the records, albeit at a comfortable pace, putting out the perfect summer jam in the form of 'Bowie Knives', a 7" by Mazes ( Copies of the single are still available and instructions on how to order can be found at Please also check out SID001 Human Hair 7" which is on the brink of being gone forever, or until we repress. We are now in the process of gathering the tracks and artwork for SID003 & SID004, 7"s by our close friends Graffiti Island and Thee Fair Ohs. The former peddle crackling ghost-punk, channeling Beat Happening, The Urinals and tribal stomp whilst the latter have shot their 100mph garage with a bullet made of pure tropical vibes. A 180 degree turn for Thee Fair Ohs but one which has paid-off, check our their new material at their Myspace ( After that we've got Pens/Mazes and The Bitters, releases which I'd imagine will see us through until the dawn of 2010.

So yes, releases are plentiful on the horizon. As for shows, we lucked out with;

Sex Is Disgusting present .. #11;
Saturday 26th September - Lovvers (Wichita, Nottingham), Male Bonding (Sub Pop, London) & The Human Race (London) - The Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton - EARLY SHOW - 7pm till 9pm - £5.

Sex Is Disgusting present .. #12;
Saturday 10th October - Divorce, Wetdog, Ultimate Thrush & La La Vasquez - The Greenhouse Effect - 8pm until 11pm - £5.

Posters & flyers to come soon.

So yeah, aside the immediate horizon holds Graffiti Island & Fair Ohs records, plus shows from Lovvers, Male Bonding, The Human Race, Divorce, Wetdog, La La Vasquez & Ultimate Thrush. In terms of the wider, greater future the plans are just as exciting, if not even more. Secret records, DUDEFEST 2 (sooner than you'd think, with exciting headliners) and a website! xxx

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