Thursday, 30 July 2009

COUGH COOL gimme the heebie jeebies

Any band naming themselves after a Misfits song better be sure that they slay hard, and whilst they sound nothing like Misfits Cough Cool do slay in their own way. They way is the slow, nightmarish, trudging though the dark, wet city on your own way. Even sitting at my desk now i'm looking over my shoulder. They kinda remind me of Genders a bit, if they turned up the fuzz and the horror, the horror to 11. Go check 'em out HERE

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mean Jeans invented Dude Cultre

So everyone knows that Mean Jeans are the best band around right now yeah? Yeah. There is no doubt about their dude credentials, just look at the sticker that came with my 7" today. These righteous dudes just released my 7" of the year on Dirtnap, 'License 2 Chill' is up there with 'Last Caress' & 'Nervous Breakdown' in terms of party vibes and dude buzz. Everyone need to own this record. Below is the video for 'Stoned 2 the Bone', a track off their debut 7" just in case you weren't convinced of their dudetelligence. Er hello skull, nintendo and cross pizza thing on a skate ramp!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

sncl update

strictly no capital letters the distro we championed two posts ago has just had a tasty new batch of stuff arrive. Limited stock available so don't dilly dally. He's got Blank Dogs lp and 7", Cause Co-motion, Comet Gain, Clorox Girls, Dead Ghosts/Smith Westerns split 7" (which is awesome btw), Drunkdriver, Ganglians, Grass Widow, Intelligence, Nodzzz, Ohsees and a bunch more at just about the best prices you're likely to find.

Friday, 24 July 2009

MAZES 7" (SID002) now available. WHOOPIE


SID002 - Mazes 7", limited to 250

A: Bowie Knives

B: Bethesda, I'm A Smoker


Prices include postage:

UK - £4.50

EU - £5.50

World - £6.50

Paypal -

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

One small step for a Dude one giant leap for Dudekind

Congratulations goes out to our bro-dudes MALE BONDING for signing to SUB POP. They are a fucking amazing band who slay way hard live. Anyways high five to them.


Also our good pals PENS have a sweet'n'trippy new video. They're also about to embark on a US tour with Graffiti Island and Crocodiles. I am insanely jealous, but very happy for them. Exciting times.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Well priced records right to your door.


Collective-Zine has for a long time been home to the Hardcore/emo/punk/whatever community of Britain. A place to promote "proper" punk shows, and "proper" diy releases, and a place to do a lot of bitching and moaning. A proper forum where you can get into proper spats without some pussy administrator threatening to ban you for using a bad word. So we give the utmost respect to the dudes behind it.

The mighty STRICTLY NO CAPITAL LETTERS (sncl) distro accompanies the forum, and has been supplying its patrons with the latest emo/grind/hardcore/punk records at "proper" diy prices for donkeys now. My tastes haven't always aligned with what sncl stocked, but increasingly sncl has been getting in some great stuff. Stuff like Tyvek, Busy Signals, Gun Club, Dead Ghosts, Customers, Nodzzz... stuff we like here at SID Towers basically. It might not be TicTacTotally or Floridas Dying yet, but along with HOdistro its a healthy step towards me not having to spend a fortune on shipping from the US, and about frigging time too. Now you can help even more by going to sncl and buying some stuff.
PhotobucketAbove - Andy "the dude" Malcolm. the man behind sncl.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Not a post about a band or a record label or a show...

SOMBRE REPTILES aka Danielle Nemet's beautiful photo come diary blog is full of wonderfully composed mostly monochrome, but occasionally colourful glimpses of a life that appears not too dissimilar to that of mine, show, party, bar, day trip with buddies, show, party, bar, show... etc etc. If only i had the discipline to document it as comprehensively as she does. I suspect I'd still be lacking the effortless flair that Danielle's photos have in spades. Recently she kindly agreed to do a collaboration project with me, and a week or so later a packet of photos plopped onto my doormat, and i went about cutting them up with a scalpel. I've included one of these duets here along with a little taste of her untarnished work.





Friday, 10 July 2009

NEW - Where To Now? Radio show......

Check it out HERE
1. Jacuzzi Boys : The Countess (Needless 2009)
2. Cause Co-motion : Leave It All (Slumberland 2009)
3. The Dead Clodettes : Strasse No10 (Lipstick Pickup 2009)
4. AA : Hymn Of Praise (Soft Spot 2009)
5. Weekend : Drum beat for baby (Rough trade 1982)
6. The Flatmates : Tell me why (Subway Organisation 1986)
7. The Pastels : Million Tears (Creation 1984)
8. Shop Assistants : Looking Back (Chrysalis 1986)
9. Dum Dum Girls : Brite Futures (Yeti Publishing 2009)
10. The Shackles : Funeral Shroud (Sweet Rot 2009)
11. The Fresh & Onlys : Peacock & Wing (Castle Face 2009)
12. Best Coast : Sun Was So High (so was I) (Unreleased 2009)
13. Teenage Cool Kids : Foreign Lands (Narshardaa 2009)
14. Audacity : Mode (Burger Records 2009)
15. Crocodiles : I wanna kill (Fat Possum 2009)
16. The Boys : Soda Pressing (Nems Records 1977)
17. Male Bonding : Pumpkin (Paradise Vendors 2009)
18. Nice Face : Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation (Sacred Bones 2009)
19. Grass Widow : To Where (Wizard Mountain 2009)
20. Family Fodder :Debbie Harry (Fresh 1980)
21. Rosehips : I shouldn’t have to say (Subway Organisation 1987)
22. Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes: Splashing along (Narodnik 1986)
23. Lori & The Chameleons : Touch (Sire 1979)
24. The Rantouls : Little Green Hat (Chocolate Covered Records 2009)
25. Beach fossils : Vacation (Unreleased 2009)
26. Crystal Stilts : Love Is A Wave (Slumberland 2009)
27. Smith Westerns : Dreams (Hozac 2009)
28. The Cave Weddings : Bring Your Love (Hozac 2009)
29. Mean Jeans : License to Chill (Dirtnap Records 2009)
30. Busy Signals : Love & Dust Douchemaster Records (2005)
31. Bare Wires : She’s so out (Solid Sex Love Doll 2006)
32. The Coathangers : Pussywillow (Suicide Squeeze 2009)
33. AA : Society Stinks (Soft Spot 2009)
34. Ariel Pink : Flashback (Cooler Cat 2009)

So i'm digging this band right now



Got a Hospitals / Clockcleaner vibe going which can never ever be a bad thing. Its the kind of band that i fantasize about being the singer for. Like the dude from Pissed Jeans or Jack from our very own Human Hair. Sexed up drunk party dude, and sweaty.