Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sex Is Disgusting Presents ... #001

Black Time, Graffiti Island & The Sticks
Sunday December 7th 2008
The Hobgoblin, Brighton, 8pm. £Donations.


Black Time (In The Red Records)

A mutated garage attack, limbs made of distrortion, a brain of aborted melody, feet tapping the wrong beat to fucked up riffs that'll latch to your brain like a leech. New record on In The Red Records (Vivian Girls, Black Lips etc.)

Graffiti Island (Sex Is Disgusting/House Anxiety)

Do you like getting creeped out? How about getting turned on? Both at the same time? Highly-sexed creep punk, bare bones rhythm, songs about ancient rituals delivered with a lobotomised charm. Two 7"s in the worx.

The Sticks (Upset The Rhyhtm)

Not all garage rock is made in a garage. I've seen these guys thrashing on their instruments on the beach under the moonlight. Howling infectious rhythms at the moon, barefoot, possesed, devoid of sanity. Not much is known of these men, caution advised around these locals.

This event is, as you can see, in The Hobgoblin & as such will be charged on a basis of donations. We want everyone to feel that they can come regardless of capital but please keep in mind that two bands are travelling from London, all three bands are amazing and thus suitable donations are appreciated, all money goes directly to the bands & a break-down of this will be posted post-show.

This is the first of what will be somewhat regular evenings presented by Sex Is Disgusting. The second is in The Prince Albert in January and the third is in a t.b.c venue on Thursday 5th March featuring Wavves and Pens! Fun times!

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