Wednesday, 12 November 2008

What essay?

Brighton-based people or friend's of Brighton based people;

On Sunday December 7th we host Black Time, Graffiti Island & The Sticks. We need to borrow 1xDRUM KIT, 1xGUITAR AMP & 1x BASS AMP for this show. If you have the equipment or know some people who may be able to help then please be in touch. If there is any money left from the donations taken then we will offer a small cash reward. If not we will buy you a few drinks or some dinner, wash your dishes, put on your band, put someone on ice for you, whatevs.

The Andy half of Sex Is Disgusting is playing some records @ The Penthouse on Saturday for 20 Jazz Funk Greats. It is an incredible blog I am sure you are all familiar with and it will act as a precursor for the evening's frivolities ie. Angry Dance Party. It is free to enter, the drinks are cheap, the decor is to die for and you might hear some "shitgaze"! Come one, come all, NO REQUESTS HONOURED.


Merida said...

HEY you two, link my bad-ass new blog. xx

Merida said...

p.s. it's