Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bastard In Hove

This is a redux, post was written as my eyes had barely opened this morning and suffered much for that fact ie. was unreadable.

This is what is up today people. Obama is in, which is an amazing thing; criticism has been levelled at peoples' unwavering enthusiasm. I guess what cynics discount is that the American public, and world at large, know this isn't a one-stop solution but if you even doubt for a second what a positive step it is then I pity you. I've never seen people appear so hopeful, so active, so enthusiastic about a politician, the issues they represent, and about change they believe they will usher in and I think that, in itself, speaks volumes. Proposition 8 is scary though, Cali friends - essemble! Plus, in the U.K we have a terrifiying proposition in itself called The Conservative Party and the fact that all this sad sad malaise is allowing them to make headway; scary, no complacency please! Blank Dogs have posted a new song on Myspace & have a new tape available from Fuck It Tapes, prolific dude. Wavves are touring the UK in early 2009 with Sex Is Disgusting handling a Brighton date, I am booking the venue today; this will run after Sex Is Disgusting shows happening in December in The Hobgoblin and January in The Prince Albert, the bands are to be confirmed for both but the fact that it is going to shred has been confirmed, signed, sealed and will deliver. Let's start a gang by the sea. To top it all off, I am (or was, at the time of originally writing) listening to Loose Nut by B-Flag. Choice of record inspired by the fact it includes Bastard In Love (see below), a song that appears as a cover on the B-Side of the new Mika Miko single (a-side on 20JFG), which I accidentally just dropped $50 for on eBay whilst merely attempting to find the postage fee out of curiosity - CANNOT AFFORD, SEND OFFERS. Despite that, all former facts mean life is A+.


Hellion said...

Is Pens on that Wavves date? I'm so "up" on my own life.

sexisdisgusting said...

Just sent you a message on Facebook with some details. Ax

Matt said...

good good good times

mh x