Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wrestlemania 2000 And Hate.

Fucked Up's current tour support Let's Wrestle are, unfortunately, one of the worst band's I've came across in a while. Jus' saying. But what is NOT bad is the art of wrestling itself. Both parts of Sex Is Disgusting and compadre Merida Richards indulged in the art yesterday evening after getting drunk and listening to M. Pyres, Graffiti Island, Wavves, Pens, Human Hair, The Pheromoans, The Sticks & Gyratory Systems REALLY loudly whilst my manager and colleague tried to play chess like RZA. Diving off chairs, grabbing legs, grappling, throwing one another, changing allegiances, kicks to the shin, all the famous moves were there. It was cathartic and beautiful. I am getting the bars tattooed on me in forty minutes, I'm going to bleed alcohol but not as much as I bled during our bout yesterday evening. Sweet.


sexisdisgusting said...


Merida said...

wrestling is the bestling

Matt/hew said...

rza is tha chessmaster
i am the chest master