Wednesday, 14 January 2009

We need a label logo. Help.

We need a versatile, simple, striking design that will work well large or small.

Look at old punk and hardcore labels/bands/flyers etc for inspiration. Check out the bands we’ll be releasing (Human Hair, Graffiti Island, Mazes, Thee Pharoahs).

Your design will feature on many different formats; website, records, posters, badges, t-shirts etc.

We want one black and white version and one two colour version of your design and we need it asap (deadline first week of February).

As well as invaluable respect, love and worship you will receive a prize if your design is chosen.

We decided to open this upto the world as thus far we haven't really hit upon anything that has worked for us and it is more fun if everyone plays.

Also, we have been approached by Vice Magazine, some new punk zine based in London or something, to contribute some content for their online home at Look for the first of our weekly columns to appear over the next week or two. Thanks.

1 comment:

Matthew Sage said...

i would love to work on a logo for you.