Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sex Is Disgusting Presents No. II

Sex Is Disgusting Presents .. #2

Kicking off 200&Fine with an awesome bang. If you are after some seriously funtime garage-gunk-n-roll then this is the one. We've shot our load on this lineup...

Male Bonding - www. myspace. com/malebonding
- We're stoked to be bringing Male Bonding's caustic & rhythmic live show to Brighton. Equal parts cowbell, grunge and celebration, I fully expect them to continue blowing minds in '09. Split due in March with Old Blood, Rapid Youth and Graffiti Island on Paradise Vendors Inc. Exciting for real.

The Hipshakes - www. myspace. com/thehipshakes
- An aural party from Sheffield whose rambunctuous garage and roll spits in the face of any Southern misconception about 'the grey north'. Previous records have been released on Tic Tac Totally (Wavves, Lover!) and Goner Records (The Oblivians, Jay Reatard).
Totally slays!

Pheromoans - www. myspace. com/pheromoans
- Brighton's merry band of miscreants, a shambolic troupe of "Rain Men" in the mold of Dustin, scientists performing experiments on your ears and minds, a meltdown between no-wave and garage rock? All this and more my friends. Expect a slew of releases worldwide in 2009.

Sex Beet - www. myspace. com/sexbeet
- 2-piece side project from The Lusts peddling pure rock and roll to corrupt your mind and soul. They've recently recorded 7" and I believe it is currently being mixed by members of The Hipshakes up north.
Fun times!

& Sex Is Disgusting and Go Faster! DJs between/after bands.

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