Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bands you don't know but should. Installment 3.

The indie-pop revival is just round the corner, i'm sure of it. The Wolfhounds, Brilliant Corners, The Clean, The Pastels, Blue Boy, Shop Assistants, Flatemates, Orange Juice and everything on Sarah Records, and the early K records stuff, and Postcard was all too good not to have a revival sooner or later, so i want everyone to get together in the the spirit of indie-pop and make it happen. Write cute zines about baking, learn to knit and how to mend clothes, smile, release records by bands comprised of spotty, awkward, gangly boys and pigtailed girls wearing homemade dresses with the average age of 15, and at least one of them must be able to play the trumpet. Come on! i've been waiting for ages for this, the time is right.


PLaaydoh - Billy


Merida said...

hurrah james! more stuff along the lines of the vaselines, the june brides, shop assistants etc. good time a-rolling.

sexisdisgusting said...

hell yes

Anonymous said...

well i stumbled upon your blog today- but i have to say ... "i completely agree!"