Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Things I couldn't include in the end of year list but I'm going to add now thus negating the entire point of lists; Reissues; Die Kreuzen self-titled sounds amazing, Void/Faith split soon (cannot believe I do not own that record yet), LPs I have not yet recieved but KNOW are good; Wavves - Wavves, Blank Dogs - The Fields and Le Face - Isolation (SO good, listen), Good in 08' - The Unholy Two - Kutter 7", Pens/Graf. Isl/Male Bonding split tape, Kit w/Mika Watt - Dreams Are Burned 7", The Wax Museums full-length, The Traditional Fools full-length, I'm excited for Old Blood, Dum Dum Girls, Ye Olde Maids, Cold Cave, Crocodiles, The Shitty Limits LP, new Mika Miko LP, new projects from dudes who were in Le Jonathon Reilly, Wavves tour, our first four 7"s being released, whatever Male Bonding do next, new The Rebel LP on Sacred Bones, Country Teasers new material on split LP (12 songs!), Pens LP!!!, Sceptres/Facel Vega split, Mob Rules should do an LP, Sex/Vid tour. Bummed that I missed; Iron Lung, Mika Miko/The Sticks/Male Bonding/Hawnay Troof/Pens/Hands On Heads party show, Electric Wizard, Double Negative, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. Niche Homo and Modern Hate Vibe were good REAL LIFE paper reads this year. I especially enjoyed burritos in 2009 from Los Taquitos on London Road, Red Stripe remained a staple, Step Brothers was funny (I still contest), I miss the sunshine and I GOT THE COLDDDDDDD.

Contrary to James' post about Old Blood - "It'll probably turn out that they are straight edge vegans or something and that kind of shit is not cool" - Ralph Simmons holding down south coast straight edge and veganism is still the best option even though I flunked out for pizza and majorly self-loathe because of it. We're all about congratulating people's lifestyles here, not hating. xvx.

We had band practice, I think it went well, we have a few songs which we'll record at our next practice and probably post here as a free download. Give us ideas for names, we could legitimately call ourselves Sex Is Disgusting The Band as it is only the two of us but that is a terrible shitty name and a terrible shitty joke.

I promise I will contribute to the bands we think you should know posts soon although by the time I do Blessure Grave will have signed to Universal and have a #1 single and Dum Dum Girls will have sold out Madison Square Garden, thus making it a bit outdated. I will try and be quicker with these things. Peace Ax


sexisdisgusting said...

veganism is cool and everything. i meant that in their eyes my hypothetical behavior "is not cool"

Merida said...

2008 - the year of many buritos.
i hope you're both enjoying these inane comments, at least it makes you look popular.

sexisdisgusting said...

haha I know, I was just saying that to make YOU look bad James, I'm sorry dude.

sexisdisgusting said...

i think we are the only people who reads this stuff anyways

sexisdisgusting said...

20jfg didn't build rome in a day or something like that