Friday, 12 December 2008

Bands you don't know but should. Installment 1

Maybe i've too much spare time on my hands, or whats more likely is that the little spare time i do have i devote to staring at my computer screen for hours on end, searching for god knows what. Enlightenment maybe. Every now and then i come close i swear. Anywhatsit...Somethings going on cos i'm finding a new favorite band every other day at the moment and its hard to keep track of them all, so for my benefit and yours i'm going to put them up on here in handy bitesize installments. Some of them i'm only just discovering but have been around for a while, some of them are totally brand new, and all of them deserve wider attention.

First up is Caleb & Jael aka Old Blood from Las Vegas. I know nothing of the place but there is something about their seedy garage-gunk 'n' roll scrawl that makes me want to move there immediately and join them in some horrid dungeon of a venue, away from the bright lights of the strip, and get to some serious drinking and partying. It'll probably turn out that they are straight edge vegans or something and that kind of shit is not cool, but right now i'm making plans like John Cage.
I will make no lazy comparisons so just fucking listen and freak out a bit.


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sexisdisgusting said...

I've just been informed that they do indeed drink hard and party hard. I'm booking my flights now