Sunday, 21 February 2010

U.S Girls tour begins tomorrow ..

in Brighton. As our good friends at Upset The Rhythm state on their blog, U.S Girls is in the neighbourhood and that means we are lucky enough to hear her "lithe, lysergic gamma ray of keyboard murk beamed over percussive bonk that sort of resembles Diamanda Galas reinterpreting Suicide". Support comes from U.K garage/post-punk delinquents La La Vasquez and tape-looping brain-musher Dylan Nyoukis. It is tomorrow (MONDAY 22ND FEBRUARY) at 8pm and costs £5 for entry. There may be special guests. It is in Brighton (as all our shows are) in The Cowley Club on London Road and it will be great. Do you really need to know more or are you already packing a survival kit and heading off to bed to get the requisite amount of sleep to prepare you for the onslaught? I think the latter. Bring zines/distro, support your (currently crippled) local DIY dudes. I hurt my back carrying a bass amp (trapped sciatic nerve/herniated disc) the day after the Gary War show and have been out of action since then so come down and socialise with an attention-starved lunatic hungry for conversation and human interaction. I would be ever so grateful.

Above there is an online-only poster by my friend Jamie McGregor. There were going to be screen-printed versions but we didn't co-ordinate it in time. The alternative real-life poster/flyer is even more obscene, it is a collage with a bit more nudity in it than I noticed when initially assembling it. Pick one up around town and go red in the face. See you tomorrow!

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