Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ale Mania

Been jamming these guys non stop for the past week or so. Their vibes range from Ariel pink / john maus woozy kinda hypno pop on tracks like ‘vomit pig’ through to pure dancefloor tropical post-punk funk leanings on other tracks like ‘bayview’. Really the shit just sounds all over the place in terms of genre and influence but that’s what I love about it – my personal fave ‘Robust universe’ even has some kind of homage to warren G’s regulate going on which was always going to be an absolute win. They currently Have a 7” out on Volar Records, a forthcoming 7” on Hell Yes records, and a 4 way split coming soon with Sharp Ends, O Voids, & our bros Spirit Photography. You can jam, and more importantly, BUY all of these tracks over at the Ale Mania myspace

- Matt Hendon

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noconstructs said...

Hey Matt, I think you should be receiving your records today? Also, can you throw the Volar blog on your little roster? Thanks!