Tuesday, 14 December 2010

James Disgusting's end of year list


Band of the year: Sauna Youth

Track of the year: Home Blitz - Two Steps

Top 10 LPs in no particular order:

Ty Segall - Melted
Home Blitz - Out Of Phase
Guinea Worms - Sorcerers of Madness
ECSR - Rush to Relax
Drunk Driver - s/t
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime
Wire - 1976 demos
White fence - s/t
The Spits - s/t


Top 5 7's:

Folded Shirt - s/t
Home Blitz - Perpetual Night
Sauna Youth - Youth
UV Race - Knife Fight
La La Vasquez - Hello


Top tapes:
Former Bullies
Porn Persons
Sauna Youth


Top live audio/visual experiences:

Divorce @ Sounds From The Other City
Oh Sees @ Luminare
Dude Fest II - Brilliant Colors, Prize Pets, La La Vasquez, The Sticks, Lovvers, Cold Pumas @ The Cowley Club
Rent Boys @ everywhere, all the time
Charles De Goal @ Offset Festival
Ty Segall, Sauna Youth, Fair Ohs @ Jam

Bummed out in '10: Jay Reatard RIP, the Devo album, Enter The Void, BBC turning into FOX, Yuck the band.


Best artwork: Bare Wires - Seeking Love


Worst artwork: The Bitters - Eastern General


Best 7" artwork: Wild Thing - Age Difference


Worst 7" artwork: Dirty Projectors - No Intention


old shit and reissues dug and re-dug:

Pussy Galore
Hardcore Devo Vol 1& 2
The Lines
Lou Reed - Street Hassle
Spacemen 3

Labels with good product:

Fashionable Idiots
La Vida Es Un Mus
Columbus Discount

Other things: The Coalition can fuck off. The Love Triangle are an excellent band. Politicized youth finally, although people just out for a rumble can fuck off. Lots of UK bands set to release LPs next year. SID set to up the release schedule again..two fold. Yuck need to be stopped. All music TV is a fucking joke. Please stop using found photography for artwork. Green Door Store heralds a new era for Brighton's music scene. Music industry needs to hurry up and die. Andy Auld gets buff.

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So Tough! So Cute! said...

Fucking awesome list! Will probably have a few of these listed myself.

Though however much I'd like to have Home Blitz - Two Steps on my own list as well it was released in 2009