Thursday, 26 February 2009

Human Hair 7" - order now


SID001 - Human Hair - Self-Titled 7", LTD TO 250.
www. myspace. com/humanhairband.
Featuring Henry Withers (of Lovvers) on guitar, Human Hair are a whirl of yelped sloganeering, intricate riffs and lurching repetition that sounds continually new throughout. Evoking The Birthday Party, Pissed Jeans and The Jesus Lizard, yet never directly echoing any of them, they peddle creepy post-punk with a dirty lo-fidelity crackle. DEBUT 7" OUT NOW!

Uk inc. p&p - £4.50
Europe inc. p&p - £5.50
World inc p&p - £6.50

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Chloe.Joanna said...

wow! how exciting! the artwork looks wicked, im blatently snapping up one of these! sweet!

sexisdisgusting said...

do it!