Friday, 10 October 2008

You've Got An Ugly Face & Y'know ..

If anyone is aware of any contemporary hardcore bands who come close to sounding like Die Kreuzen in any kind of credible way then please send me a link. I will not initially believe you but please link me anyway. Fuck, what a band, riff at 00.59 is awesome and the way it kicks back in so seamlessly totally marries the seemingly disparate concepts of exemplary muscianship with scrappy punk rock. Naysayers be damned, punk kids can play tight. Fugg. If you aren't already aware of this band then Touch & Go recently reissued the first two records which is basically perfect timing for you. Do it!

Buy records here.

Also, if you know how to embed videos on .blogspot accounts then let me know, I copy& pasted the Youtube code a number of times but it wouldn't accept the HTML. I know so little about that sort of shit that I just typed HTLM and didn't notice. Thanks. (FIXED, I WIN)


PICO said...

I have a later Die Kreuzen LP which I have to confess I think kind of blows. You're welcome to it, whenever I get my records back from my grandpaw's place.

This is Mike by the way. You know, the one at Colour out of Space who sat around smoking greek cigarettes.

sexisdisgusting said...

Sup dude, sorry for the late pass on replying. Yeah, they did go pretty dull from what I've heard, cock-rock leanings a la SSD, DYS and a bunch of others. I'd still like to have a listen and make an informed opinion, thanks for the offer! Hope you're well dude, what's been going on?